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SrNoSchedulesIdHeadingDescriptionCGSTRatecess RateSGSTUTGSTRateCess DescIGSTRatecess
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1I0202, 0203, 0204, 0205, 0206, 0207, 0208, 0209, 0210All goods [other than fresh or chilled] pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
2I0303, 0304,0305, 0306, 0307, 0308, 0309All goods [other than fresh or chilled] pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
3I [Omitted]      
4I [Omitted]      
5I [Omitted      
6I [Omitted]      
7I401Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk0.025 0.025 0.05 
8I402Milk  and  cream,  concentrated  or  containing  added  sugar or   other   sweetening   matter,   including   skimmed   milk powder, milk food for babies [other than condensed milk]0.025 0.025 0.05 
9I403Yoghurt; Cream, kephir and other fermented or acidified milk and  cream,  whether  or  not  concentrated  or  containing  added sugar  or  other  sweetening  matter  or  flavored  or  containing added fruit, nuts or cocoa0.025 0.025 0.05 
9AI403Curd, Lassi, Butter milk, pre-packaged and labelled0.025 0.025 0.05 
10I404Whey,  whether  or  not  concentrated  or  containing  added sugar  or  other  sweetening  matter;  products  consisting  of natural milk constituents, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter, not elsewhere specified or included0.025 0.025 0.05 
11I406Chena  or  paneer pre-packaged and labelled0.025 0.025 0.05 
12I408Birds'  eggs,  not  in  shell,  and  egg  yolks,  fresh,  dried, cooked  by  steaming  or  by  boiling  in  water,  moulded, frozen or otherwise  preserved,  whether  or  not  containing added sugar or other sweetening matter.0.025 0.025 0.05 
13I409Natural honey pre-packaged and labelled0.025 0.025 0.05 
14I410Insects  and  other  edible  products  of  animal  origin,  not elsewhere specified or included0.025 0.025 0.05 
15I502Pigs',  hogs'  or  boars'  bristles  and  hair;  badger  hair  and other brush making hair; waste of such bristles or hair.0.025 0.025 0.05 
16I504All goods [other than fresh or chilled] pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
17I505Skins and other parts of birds, with their feathers or down, feathers   and   parts   of   feathers   (whether   or   not   with trimmed   edges)   and   down,   not   further   worked   than cleaned,  disinfected  or  treated  for  preservation;  powder 0.025 0.025 0.05 
18I0507 [Except 050790]Ivory,   tortoise-shell,   whalebone   and   whalebone   hair, horns, unworked or simply prepared but not cut to shape; powder and waste of these products.0.025 0.025 0.05 
19I508Coral and similar materials, unworked or simply prepared but not otherwise worked; shells of molluscs, crustaceans or   echinoderms   and   cuttle-bone,   unworked  or   simply prepared but not cut to shape, powder and waste thereof.0.025 0.025 0.05 
20I510Ambergris,  castoreum,  civet  and  musk; cantharides; bile, whether  or  not  dried;  glands  and  other  animal  products used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, fresh, chilled, frozen or otherwise provisionally preserved.0.025 0.025 0.05 
21I511Animal products not elsewhere specified or included; dead animals of Chapter 1 or 3, unfit  for human consumption, other than semen including frozen semen.0.025 0.025 0.05 
22I7Herb,  bark,  dry  plant,  dry  root,  commonly  known  as jaribooti and dry flower0.025 0.025 0.05 
23I  [Omitted]      
24I [Omitted]      
25I713Dried   leguminous   vegetables,   shelled,   whether   or   not skinned or split   pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
26I714Manioc,  arrowroot,  salep,  Jerusalem  artichokes,  sweet potatoes and  similar  roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content, frozen, whether or not sliced or in the form of pellets pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
27I801Cashew    nuts,    whether   or   not    shelled    or   peeled, desiccated coconuts0.025 0.025 0.05 
28I802Dried areca nuts, whether or not shelled or peeled0.025 0.025 0.05 
29I0802, 0813Dried  chestnuts  (singhada),  whether  or  not  shelled  or peeled0.025 0.025 0.05 
29AI802Walnuts, whether or not shelled0.025 0.025 0.05 
30I8Dried makhana, whether or not shelled or peeled pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
30AI804Mangoes sliced, dried0.025 0.025 0.05 
31I806Grapes, dried, and raisins0.025 0.025 0.05 
32I811Fruit and nuts, uncooked or cooked by steaming or boiling in water, frozen, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter0.025 0.025 0.05 
33I812Fruit  and  nuts,  provisionally  preserved  (for  example,  by sulphur dioxide gas, in brine,  in sulphur water or in other preservative  solutions),  but  unsuitable  in  that  state  for immediate consumption0.025 0.025 0.05 
33AI [Omitted]      
34I814Peel  of  citrus  fruit  or  melons  (including  watermelons), frozen,   dried   or   provisionally   preserved   in   brine,   in sulphur water or in other preservative solutions0.025 0.025 0.05 
35I901Coffee  roasted,  whether  or  not  decaffeinated coffee husks  and  skins;  coffee  substitutes  containing  coffee  in any proportion [other than coffee beans not roasted]0.025 0.025 0.05 
36I902Tea,  whether  or  not  flavoured  [other  than  unprocessed green leaves of tea0.025 0.025 0.05 
37I903Maté0.025 0.025 0.05 
38I904Pepper  of  the  genus  Piper;  dried  or  crushed  or  ground fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta0.025 0.025 0.05 
39I905Vanilla0.025 0.025 0.05 
40I906Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers0.025 0.025 0.05 
41I907Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems)0.025 0.025 0.05 
42I908Nutmeg, mace and cardamoms0.025 0.025 0.05 
43I909Seeds   of   anise,   badian,   fennel,   coriander,   cumin   or caraway; juniper berries [other than of seed quality]0.025 0.025 0.05 
44I0910 [other than 0910 11 10, 0910 30 10]Ginger    other    than    fresh    ginger,    saffron,    turmeric (curcuma)  other  than  fresh  turmeric,  thyme,  bay  leaves, curry and other spices0.025 0.025 0.05 
45I10All goods i.e. cereals pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05 
46I1001Wheat  and  meslin pre-packaged and labelled.0.025 0.025 0.05